What is IP Collaboration?

MFmore Transfer artist’s work into Intellectual Property, Team up with Designer brands, companies and factories to create art products under artist’s intellectual property.

MFmore espouses to market the products to art stores, museums, fashion buyers, MFmore online store(mfmore.com) and MFmore Taobao Store.

Artist owns the Intellectual Property of the image, as well as 40% every piece of sales


Step 1      MFmore A&Q finds the artist and artworks 

Step 2    MFmore Proposes the collaboration to the artist and start the partnership

Step 3     MFmore makes mock-ups of the product or MFmore makes mock-ups with the artist, present the mock-up to brands, companies and factory.

Step 4     Manufacture the product, market the product. The IP owner: Artist, gets 40% of each piece of the sales.  


Brain Image Project, 2016

Acrylic Painting on Acetate Film

14*17 inches/35.5*43.2cm


Tan Tan 

"It's hard to be feel unhappy with the world while the sun's shining in England's lovely countryside when the crowd lolled on grass, read, knitted, and discussed the quality of the cider" Tan said about her landscape paintings. Most of Tan's current artwork are oil painting of landscape with figure subjects which are in exceedingly passionate color and in abstract character.

"I guess that's how the world looks like in my eye" Tan said.

Tan was born in Beijing, China. She has achieved her MFA degree from Camberwell College of Arts in London, UK, as well as a BFA degree from China Central Acadamy of Fine Art for printmaking.

Tan Tan is now teaching printmaking in China Central Academy of Fine Art as art professor.


Yushan Liu

Yushan Liu's works are mixed media collages that combine with painting, printmaking, drawing, found materials, including oil, acrylic, plywood, canvasand acetate film. Her works include figurative imagery—both human and non-human—and use dramatic yet subtle humor to explore the loss and disjunction we experience in our shifting between natural spaces to more built, developed urban ones. By reassembling, gathering and obliterating shapes, colors, textures and composition to convey a disordered time and space, reference the possibility of an intimate, dystopian/ utopian co-existence among living beings. Liu's art-making process explores the role of color, composition and the digital production visual language, the boundary between printmaking and painting, as well as the translation of personal experience onto a visual surface. Liu's work oscillates between the abstract and the representative, the digital hard edges and hand making marks, between the visceral and the cerebral. 


Buterfly 5, 2016

Acrylic painting on acetate Film, mixed medium