Art of the Week by Sergi Clavé

My work begins with the colour; with the pulse produced by the association of these colours. I often apply several painting techniques, aiming for the tension that emerges from combining translucent surfaces, monochromatic cold and opaque colours with more expressive brush strokes. I use oil, enamel, acrylic or spray paints. I’m interested in the dialog that develops from the mixture of all of these approaches, also adding variations of colour to them. Step by step I keep reducing the elements that integrate the painting, searching for the vibration with the smallest amount of pieces possible. What kind of vibration? I really don’t know. I’m just paint to make it appear again. You never know what you're looking for until you find it.

In the past two years, I have begun to play with the repetition. I started making an exact copy of the same painting, reducing the image to just a part of it, changing its position, dimensions, colour…Such variations and duplications of the image, have brought many new variables to my work. The complexity added to the repetition and modification in orientation, contrasts with simplifying and reducing of the formal elements of the painting. With the repetition I establish a rhythm, a cadence. At the same time, having changed the orientation of part of the painting, and varying the symmetry or asymmetry of some elements of the piece, something odd appears in the whole. The repetition of the painting or part of it, has expanded my practice to a new ways of working, and more importantly, to new ways of seeing. In the end, painting itself still has something to say about that.


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